Cocaine Found In The Tour Bus Of Weiland

Cocaine was discovered from the tour bus bedroom of Scott Weiland where he was found dead. Following the death of the Stone Temple Pilots, frontman police found a small pack of cocaine in the bus on Friday while investigating on Weiland’s death. There was cocaine in another part of the bus as well and the police arrested a man from California, who was accompanying Weiland in this connect. Though, no charges have been filed yet. Meanwhile, the police informed that there is no more information pertaining to the death, and the local coroner will make a statement in this regard.

On Thursday evening, Weiland was found dead in his bus before a show in Minnesota with his band. On Friday, his Stone Temple Pilots band issued a statement, “for sharing your life with us.” Stone Temple Pilots rescued itself from the rock movement of the 1990s to become a successful commercial band. Some of the popular names in the band include Dean and Robert DeLeo brothers and Eric Kretz. The bandmates said, “”Together we crafted a legacy of music that has given so many people happiness and great memories. The memories are many, and they run deep for us.”

The bandmates also agreed that Weiland had a history of drug abuse and had struggled due to this problem earlier. They were quick enough to add that the singer was talented and a gifted one. They also added that sometimes gifts turn into a curse and despite all this they still love and respect him. In their statement they said, “We will miss you brother.” Meanwhile, condolence messages poured on twitter. Many rockers and Weiland friends mourned his death. Dave Navarro said, “It’s not my loss, it’s our loss.”

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