Presidential Address On The Wake Of San Bernardino Attack

President Obama addressed the nation on Sunday in the wake of San Bernardino attack. He called upon the Congress to initiate action on all fronts. Obama said that the threat is real, and it has to be overcome by destroying ISIL among other organizations that cause any harm. Meanwhile, he urged the people of America not to treat Muslim friends and those in the neighborhood as enemies and turn the fight against ISIS as fighting a particular religion.

The San Bernardino attack killed 14 people leaving its mark clear that it can attack the US people on their soil. This was the message after learning that the Tashfeen Malik wife of Farook, who were involved in the attack pledged their support to ISIS leader on Facebook. Malik, Pakistani by origin came to the US in 2014 after marrying Syed Farook, who works at the health department as Health Inspector and living in Chicago born to Pakistani parents.

The President said that all those killed in the attack were American citizens and part of the big American family. He furthered that the attack was not by the overseas terrorist organization but was planned at home. The outgoing president also said that the two attackers have embraced the ‘path of radicalization’ by waging war against Americans, and that is not what Islam preaches. This type of vandalism kills only innocent people, he agonized.

Obama did not announce any new strategies to fight ISIS even after the recent Paris attack where 130 people were killed by gunmen last month. Moreover, he reiterated that the present strategy is supported by counterterrorism experts and military. The strategies are refined to meet the challenges and steps are taken to counter them, he informed. Terrorist attacks since 9/11 attacks have evolved, and the four strategies used include track terrorist leaders across the globe, providing equipment and training to those groups in Iraq and Syria fighting terrorism, put an end to ISIS operation, recruits, and finance, and sign a political resolution to end the civil war in Syria.

Obama made it clear that giving in to fears and changing the way of life is what ISIL is hoping to see. Meanwhile, he called upon the Congress to pass legislations to ban guns to those on no fly list, cutting down on accessibility to weapons, screening visa waivers and pass AUMF to fight against ISIS.

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Brie Larson Comments On Being At The Oscars

Brie Larson the talk of the town talk about her recent release and how she earned raving reviews for her performance. Right now she is termed the ‘It Girl’ or the girl of the moment but the actress is not happy with this label. The movie Room is a story about a young woman played to perfection by Larson being kidnapped and held captive by deranged rapist for years. In captivity, she delivers her son Jack, who finds it tough to get accustomed to the outside world.

The actress on answering how she prepared for the movie said that she was on a strict diet and turned to fitness experts to make her look lean and with muscles. She also said that she avoided sun tan for three months before the movie to get the right tone and this brought her close to the role she confided. Leaving alone being called the It Girl, Larson is also being considered a serious contender for Oscar.

When quizzed the actress on the Oscar buzz she said that she hasn’t imagined anything like that. Giving a comparison, she added that it was like thinking of a grand wedding, when “you don’t even have a boyfriend?”, she exclaimed. The actress said she is thinking about something that doesn’t exist could be dangerous. Larson was fascinated with acting since her childhood in Sacramento, California. She opens up that since seven she was sure she wanted to be an actor.

Larson, her mom, and sister, shifted near Hollywood to chase her dreams. The actress spoke about her challenges and how she reached this destination.

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