Kim And Kanye Welcome A Baby Boy

It is celebration time for the West couple as they welcome the birth of a baby boy. Kim Kardashian and Kayne West became parents again after their son was born on Saturday morning. The couple announced the arrival of the little bundle of joy on the website with a link that stated, “Kim Kardashian West alongside her husband, Kanye West. They welcomed the arrival of their son. Mother and son are doing well.” Ironically, just 12 hours before she announced the arrival, Kardashian posted a photo of her baby bump and wrote, “Ready whenever you are lol.”

Earlier Kim had posted on her website about the breech position of the baby and about the difficulties in having a normal delivery. She also added on her website in November that she is undergoing exercises to get the baby to turn back. The due date was fixed for Christmas but due to health complications the delivery was proponed. The website stated that a baby boy was born on Saturday morning, and both the son and the mother are good. It may be noted that just 12 hours before she went into labor Kim posted a photo of her baby bump with wordings, “Ready whenever you are lol.”

Kim and West are proud parents of a daughter already, and the arrival of a son would have definitely put them on cloud nine. Kim, 35, earlier revealed how difficult it was to get pregnant again and all the hardships she had to face until recently she was advised by her doctor procedures for the breech position of the baby boy.

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Brie Larson Comments On Being At The Oscars

Brie Larson the talk of the town talk about her recent release and how she earned raving reviews for her performance. Right now she is termed the ‘It Girl’ or the girl of the moment but the actress is not happy with this label. The movie Room is a story about a young woman played to perfection by Larson being kidnapped and held captive by deranged rapist for years. In captivity, she delivers her son Jack, who finds it tough to get accustomed to the outside world.

The actress on answering how she prepared for the movie said that she was on a strict diet and turned to fitness experts to make her look lean and with muscles. She also said that she avoided sun tan for three months before the movie to get the right tone and this brought her close to the role she confided. Leaving alone being called the It Girl, Larson is also being considered a serious contender for Oscar.

When quizzed the actress on the Oscar buzz she said that she hasn’t imagined anything like that. Giving a comparison, she added that it was like thinking of a grand wedding, when “you don’t even have a boyfriend?”, she exclaimed. The actress said she is thinking about something that doesn’t exist could be dangerous. Larson was fascinated with acting since her childhood in Sacramento, California. She opens up that since seven she was sure she wanted to be an actor.

Larson, her mom, and sister, shifted near Hollywood to chase her dreams. The actress spoke about her challenges and how she reached this destination.

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