Donald Trump Denies Playing On Fears But Common Sense Instead

Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate, made it clear that he is not playing on the fears of the people but looking at it from a common sense perspective. In an interview to CBS on Face the Nation that was aired on Sunday, he said that he is not interested in playing on the fears of the people and has great Muslim friends who admit that there is a big problem. Trump said, “I have Muslim friends who are great people. And by the way, they tell me, ‘there’s a big problem.’ I’m not playing on fears. I’m playing on common sense.”

During the Fox News interview earlier this week, Trump said that the families of terrorists have to be taken out. He also added that he is in favor of the idea of registration for American Muslims to create a database. On Sunday, he said profiling can be done but it need not be called Muslim centric database, he informed. Trump furthered that tracking is necessary irrespective of whether they are Muslims or not. Calling for restrict vigilance in Mosques and another place, especially if people are coming to places of worship with hatred in their minds.

Referring to San Bernardino suspect Farook, he said that neighbors did not report suspicious activities because of the fear of being profiled. Speaking on this, he said, “Everybody wants to be politically correct, and that’s part of the problem that we have with our country.” The problems of radical Islamic terrorism would not be resolved unless Obama is out of his office, added Trump vehemently. Trump called for heightened vigil on the family members of the suspected terrorists. He also claimed that the report that Farook’s sister was not aware of the shootout was unbelievable.

Trump emphasizes on carrying more guns on the contrary to what the present government and media call those involved in the terrorist attacks. He said that those attackers are not masterminds; he added calling the animals with lower IQs. He called for the US to be better at countering internet propaganda that is initiated by the ISIS. He complained that the press is portraying them as Robin Hood, and youngsters are following their footsteps. He also added that the terrorists use the internet better than them.

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